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Enigma CRM and Google Analytics integration allow you to bridge the gap between your online and offline data, making it easier for you to take better marketing decisions and grow your sales.

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Frequently asked questions

Questions You Might Be Asking

Do I need coding or technical knowledge to setup the integration?

No, it takes 30 seconds to connect your CRM to Google Analytics and start tracking.

What are the benefits of integrating my CRM with Google Analytics?

Connecting your CRM to Google Analytics to track conversions will allow you to know your best revenue generating channels, track your marketing performance beyond lead generation and use your convesrion data to create custom audience for better targeting.

How much does it cost?

$199 /mo. Covers unlimited conversions tracking for one domain and one CRM. If you are an agency and need to track multiple domains or use multiple CRMs, please contact us.

Is my data safe?

We use industry-standard best practices to ensure that your data is safe. All the data we have is stored in US-based servers provided by Digital Ocean, a leading cloud hosting provider. The highest level of security measures are implemented in order to protect your data. All calls to our server and to Google Analytics use the HTTPS protocol.

Do you offer custom CRM integration?

Yes, please contact us to learn how we can help.

I have a specific question

Sure, please email us at info@enigmametrics.com

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Integrate your CRM with Google Analytics

Integrate your CRM with Google Analytics

Automatically push your CRM data, pipeline and revenue to Google Analytics. No coding required.

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