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Marketing Attribution. Solved.

Automatically push your CRM data, pipeline and revenue to Google Analytics. No coding required.

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Effortless Closed Loop Analytics

Understand where are your most profitable leads coming from and increase your marketing ROI by investing in channels that drive customers. Not leads.

Online Data

Google Analytics has your user online data, like sources, channels, keywords and behaviour

CRM Data

Your CRM has your leads and customers data, like revenue, deal stages and life-time value

Why integrate your CRM with Google Analytics?

Uploading your CRM conversions to Google Analytics offers true measurement from first touch to close, across all your marketing channels so you can take the guesswork out of marketing and build effective, comprehensive campaigns and strategies.

Close the loop between your offline conversions and online activity by automatically sending your CRM conversion data to Google Analytics. No custom coding or expensive tools required. Enigma integration takes 3 clicks.

Get the big picture, actionable insights from your campaigns and use them to increase conversions and improve your marketing strategies. Enigma unifies online and offline data with sales outcomes so you can make the right marketing decisions.

Use your CRM data to create retargeting and lookalike audiences based on your CRM conversion data. Enigma makes it easy to have a strong Google Ads retargeting strategy in your marketing mix so you can close more deals, faster.

Why integrate your CRM with Google Analytics?

Track CRM Revenue

Automatically sync your CRM conversion data including offline sales and revenue with GA. No custom coding or expensive tools required.

Increase Marketing ROI

Use the power of Google Analytics to understand what generate sales and optimise for revenue. Not leads.

Audiences Retargeting

Retarget your best customers by creating audiences based on your CRM conversion data.
Enigma Metrics

Supported CRMs

Enigma integration allows you to get a complete overview of digital marketing performance. Which means that you can understand what efforts are bringing better results and where to invest.

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